There’s no simple way to describe Sarah Lupo’s music – or Sarah Lupo, for that matter. Deliciously faceted, she is an artist, singer, songwriter, videographer, entrepreneur and businesswoman who unintentionally smudges defining lines. On a dime, her voice can go from sunny to sultry, from raw to refined, but the one thing that remains unchanged is her fierce “true.”

Sarah grew up in Connecticut, the youngest of 6 in an Irish-American family. Her music career began upstairs, behind the second door on the right, where she and her sister would listen to records, dance and sing. After leaving college with a Masters in Filmmaking, Sarah’s creative rocket fuel propelled her into the worlds of film, theater, advertising and decorative painting. In the spaces between, her boundary-bending spirit led her to stints as a carpenter’s apprentice, bartender, beer salesman and stable hand at a horse farm.

In 2003, she married Rich Lupo, owner of Providence’s legendary music club, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel. A few years later, they opened a second venue together, called The Met, which further immersed Sarah into the area’s vibrant music scene. And it finally seemed right to release the music that had always been inside.

It was a good decision. Her first CD – self titled and years in the making – offers ten sweet and raunchy reasons why. Her stories tell of wild beauty, velvet emotions, pebbles in her shoe and the licking flames of love. The music is tasty. The players are top notch. And above all, Sarah Lupo is true. Those who know her expect nothing less.